Coloring of raw white topaz in London blue (and Swiss blue).

We are offering service for coloring of raw white topaz in:

  • London blue
  • Swiss blue

We have necessary equipment and technology.

We made projects for customers who supplied us topaz from:

  • Brazil
  • Mozambique
  • Sri lanka

Rejection rate: 5% — 7% (when we did project for 2000 carats)

Ratio of colors after coloring process:

—> One cycle:

  • London blue: 50%
  • Swiss blue: 50%

—> Two cycles:

  • London blue: 100%

Also we are ready to purchase raw white topaz.

Pls contact us – we are ready to discuss long term projects.

  1. Coloring of your raw topaz
  2. Purchase raw white topaz from you.

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